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This is where I live! I have no home!

"Huh, what's this? A card from my cousin Zoidfarb! Heh heh heh. Instead of 'Claus' he writes 'Claws'. Now that's humorous! Today's comedians could learn from this card."

(about mutants) "They're horrible freaks! Graaaaalll!"

Zoidberg: Bah! Good riddance to them! Now Zoidberg is the popular one!
Farnsworth: Yes, yes, let's all talk to Zoidberg!
Amy: Hey Zoidberg
Hermes: What's happening, Zoidberg?
Zoidberg: Oh, well, you know...
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yay for starting the new year with zoidberg quotes!!!
For some reason, I'm as frisky as a squid on Tuesday.
Zoidberg: "[love is] all so complicated with the flowers and the romance and the lies upon lies!"
Fry: "Ok, ok, don't worry. The lovemeister will take you under his wing."
Zoidberg: "What? Now there's a bird involved?!"